Is Apple Working On Its Own Search Engine?

Posted by Matt

Apple search engine

Apple is apparently developing a search engine all of its own in what appears to be a bid to compete more directly with Google.

The company recently posted an ad for an “Engineering Project Manager” who would be working in the Apple Search division on the job board of its website; and the job description stated that they were looking for a technical, driven and creative program manager, adding that this person would oversee the backend operations projects for a search platform that would potentially support hundreds of millions of users. Hmmm.

The project was also described as being one that would play a part in revolutionizing the way that people engage with mobile devices and computers.

Over the last two years Apple has done a lot of work on improving its search services, including hiring a former executive from Amazon to revamp Siri. To add more fuel to the fire, a Belgian developer recently spoke about having noticed a web-crawling bot (the kind used by Google to track and assess websites) that had come from one of Apple’s servers.

Not everyone agrees that Apple could be working on search, however. Benjamin Spiegel, a director of strategy working at GroupM, said it would be a strange move for Apple to enter into the search space. Rather, Speigel believes that Apple will be using this search engine to connect disparate content libraries together.

It is, however, important to note this year will mark the end of Google being the default search engine for Safari users. Yahoo profited significantly when Firefox reached the end of its agreement with Google, so a move by Apple to replace Google in Safari could erode the search giant’s market share slightly too.

So what does this mean for website owners?

If Apple does enter the search space, that will be one more search engine for us to have to worry about. Market penetration of i-devices is significant enough to make the presence of an Apple search engine something that we should all probably pay attention to. How much of an issue the move would be remains to be seen, however.

Good SEO tactics today are the same regardless of which search engine you’re using. There is little to be gained from worrying about search-engine specific “tricks”, so a potential launch of a new search engine by Apple shouldn’t create any more work for business owners trying to stay ahead in the search game.

However, in preparation for this potential launch, it’s probably a good idea for business owners to start making their websites far more mobile-friendly. Because, if Apple does create a search engine of their own, it’s a safe bet that they’ll be prioritizing mobile users on it.

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