The Art of Generating Leads With a Call to Action

Posted by Matt

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Have you ever downloaded something from a website? Or maybe signed up to an online newsletter? The chances are you were persuaded to do so because of a little thing known as a call to action.

You know what we’re talking about, right? Those compelling instructions we see on websites that tell us to buy, download or register for something. They’re everywhere these days, and for good reason too. A call to action makes a huge difference to a website’s ability to capture a visitor and convert them into a lead.

But what exactly makes an effective call to action?

Naturally, we can’t expect our visitors to unquestioningly oblige and do what they’re told to with any old instruction. We need to offer a call to action that makes them want to do something. It has to get them to think “You know what? I need that!” even though they may not have known it even existed just a minute or two ago.

Master the art of creating calls to action that will get your prospects’ fingers positively itching to click on them with these top tips:

1. Know your customers’ problems. The only way you can sell anything to anybody is if you know the problems or challenges they have and you make it clear that you’re providing something that’s going to solve those problems. The better you understand your customers, the easier it is to create a compelling offer and a strong call to action.

2. Have a single objective. Make it easy for your customers to understand your message and what it is you want them to do. Have a specific, single objective and then focus on getting your customer to take that specific action. If you tell your visitor to do three different things at once or give them multiple options, chances are they’ll get confused and choose none of them.

3. Use strong verbs. Use words such as “call” or “email” instead of something vague like “contact”. Direct people with “subscribe to our feed” or “follow us on Twitter” instead of a generic “keep an eye on our social media profiles”. You want to encourage people to take a definitive action, not give them something to think about.

4. Make the action easy. If your call to action is “subscribe to our mailing list”, then you should make sure that the task of doing just that is a piece of cake and has “low-friction”. Don’t present them with a six-option form with drop-downs, radio buttons, terms and conditions and multiple text boxes. Just ask for an email address. The less they have to do, the more likely they are to complete the task in question.

5. Create a feeling of urgency. A good call to action is “register now!” or “call us today!” If you don’t set a deadline, then people will think they’ve got all the time in the world to take the action in question, which might just result in them leaving your website and forgetting all about the offer you’ve just made to them.

6. Offer something enticing. One great way to encourage people to take action is to offer an incentive such as a download, a free gift or a discount. People love to think they are getting something for nothing! Again, combine this offer with a time limit to encourage them to take action there and then.

If your website isn’t converting as well as you would like it to, take a look at your calls to action before you worry about rewriting the content. A simple tweak may be all that’s needed to convert those inactive visitors into enthusiastic prospects!

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