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Website Copywriting

As a specialist web design company, the visual and technical elements of any website we build naturally play a key part in everything we do.

website copywritingHowever, we place just as much emphasis on the structure of the pages and their content.

We’ve seen many a great looking website that fails to make a difference because the content has been considered an afterthought. Every effort has been put into designing an artistic masterpiece but then the copy gets a quick ‘copy and paste’ treatment right at the end of the project.

Of course, the look and feel of any website is incredibly important but typically it’s the content that your prospective customers are really interested in.

That’s why we provide content creation and web copywriting services along with our design and development expertise.

The importance of content.

Web content is very different to many other forms of content. With most people unwilling to spend a significant amount of time on any one website you’ve really got to work hard to make an impact.

Your content needs to grab people’s attention. It needs to get your key message across clearly and succinctly and above all else, it needs to resonate with your audience and encourage them to take some form of action.

If you have any ambitions to attract visitors from the likes of Google then you need to exercise even more care and attention and place a few carefully considered keywords in just the right places on your website as well.

To find out more about our web content and copywriting services why not get in touch for a quick chat?

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